What we Do


At Spotlight Asset Group, we use a comprehensive financial planning approach that encompasses all the needs of our client in order to create a customized portfolio.



Investment MAnagement

  • Goal based investment process
  • ETF models with dynamic asset allocations, varying according to our market expectations
  • Individual Stock Portfolios
  • Customized options and individual bond strategies
  • Tactical models that range from all equities to all cash, or anywhere in between

Retirement Planning

  • Guidance to help you define your needs and goals
  • Detailed discussion of relevant personal and financial information
  • Experienced financial planners to provide situation analysis and next steps
  • Expert wealth managers to implement your plan of action
  • Regular meetings to monitor and update your plan (recommended: 2-4X yearly)

Risk Management

  • Comprehensive survivor needs analysis and ability to fill gaps with life insurance
  • Usually recommend term insurance for most cases
  • Will use permanent life insurance policies for estate planning purposes primarily
  • Needs based analysis for long term care, disability, and property and casualty insurance

TAx Planning

  • Active portfolio management to minimize capital gains taxes through tax-loss harvesting
  • Use of asset allocation strategies to minimize taxable income from the portfolio
  • Tax preparation by CPAs for clients who exceed certain AUM thresholds

Corporate Retirement SOlutions

  • Assistance to help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities as a plan sponsor
  • Guidance to establish a strong government structure and a repeatable, well documented investment process
  • Quarterly reviews with plan fiduciaries including market and plan performance, fee monitoring, watchlist recommendations, etc.

Estate Planning

  • Detailed financial plans that incorporate most recent estate tax laws
  • Investment plans to maximize the goals of the estate
  • Ability to work with third-party attorneys to prepare and execute documents

How We Invest

At Spotlight, our investment decisions are driven by a thoughtful, research-based process that is led by our Investment Policy Committee (IPC). The IPC is comprised of our CEO and other firm investment personnel. Together, the IPC crafts, monitors, and adjusts our proprietary investment models. These models fall into three categories: Allocation, Individual Stocks, and Tactical Strategies. Each model can be used on its own or in combination with other models depending on the needs of a particular client. At the outset of the client relationship, we work with our clients to build a custom investment allocation based on each client’s personal, in-depth financial plan. During this planning process we determine each client’s targeted percentage of investment return needed, which, in coordination with the decisions of the IPC, will guide our investment recommendations.

Allocation Strategies

  • 4 models: Capital Preservation, Balanced, Growth, and Capital Appreciation.
  • Allocation will shift within a 20% range to equities.
  • For example, the Balanced model can be anywhere from 40% equity to 60% equity depending on market expectations.

STOCK Strategies

  • 2 different stock models available.
  • Our Buy-Write model holds approximately 15 stock positions and will use the sale of covered calls to create additional income or a hedge against volatility.
  • Our Large Cap Blend model is a 30-40 stock Model that is a Blend of Large Cap Growth and Large Cap Value companies.

TACTical strategies

  • Tactical Income and Tactical Equity models that can be fully invested or all cash depending on market expectations.
  • ESG models for clients who would like a strategy focused more on socially conscious investing.
  • Customized option strategies, customized individual bond portfolios, and reduced volatility models.

ALternative strategies

  • Crypto provides exposure and oversight to multiple crypto currencies.
  • Enhanced cash yield providing a competitive return on liquid cash.
  • Private Real Estate deals.


Spotlight Asset Group has a flat fee structure, once you reach a particular threshold, every dollar is billed at that level. This fee rate includes all transaction costs for trades that we recommend and implement for clients.


Account value Range vs. Fee Percentage

Up to $2,000,000 = 1.00%

$2,000,000 – $5,000,000 = 0.85%

$5,000,000 – $10,000,000 = 0.70%

$10,000,000 – $15,000,000 = 0.50%

$15,000,000 – $20,000,000 = 0.40%


Are we a fiduciary or a broker?

As a Registered Investment Advisor we are obligated to act in your best interest and therefore act as a fiduciary for our clients. This is different from Brokers who operate under the suitability standard which simply means they need to have enough information to make a recommendation that is suitable for you.

How do you determine the investment strategy for each client?

We start with a comprehensive planning process to help our clients develop a customized investment plan that is based on our proprietary investment strategies. We have an investment committee that constantly evaluates our strategies to ensure they are working effectively for our clients. Being an RIA also means that, when making such decisions, we must serve as a fiduciary and always act in your best interest.

Who will hold my investments and are they secure?

We do not have custody of our client assets. We work with large, independent custodians (typically LPL) where clients hold accounts in their own name. Clients then have access to monthly statements directly from these independent custodians. We request a limited power of attorney to direct the investments in your accounts according to an agreed upon Investment Policy Statement. We are highly focused on guarding your accounts and your data through our security protocols and those of our custodians.

Where does Spotlight Asset Group operate?

We currently have three offices and have five employees that help us service hundreds of clients across the country.  Click here for a complete list of all of our locations.


See our privacy notice for the firm’s privacy policies and procedures we have implemented.


How long has Spotlight Asset Group been in business?

We were approved by the SEC on April 28, 2017 and started working with clients.

You focus on transparency, but what does that mean for me as a prospective client?

When we talk about transparency, we mean that we will be open, direct, and honest with you from the time we first meet and continuing throughout the relationship if you engage us as your investment adviser. When we first meet a prospective client, we provide them with our Form CRS, which discloses certain key information about our services, our fees, our duty to you, and any conflicts we may have. Also, since we have a straight-forward flat fee setup, we make it clear what your annual rate will be based on the account value.