What We Do

Investment Management

  • Planning based investment process
  • Use Spotlight models as the basis to build a portfolio
  • Customize portfolios around existing positions
  • Defined research process to evaluate current holdings
  • Use option strategies to potentially reduce risk or enhance income/return
  • Account aggregation to provide holistic advice
  • Re-balancing
  • Tax-loss harvesting

Retirement Planning

  • Define your goals, needs, and objectives
  • Define the scope of the engagement
  • Provide and discuss relevant personal and financial information
  • Analyze and evaluate data
  • Develop and present recommendations
  • Implement recommendations (client decision)
  • Meet 2-4 times per year to monitor and update plan

Tax Planning

  • Manage portfolios to minimize capital gains
  • Use asset location to minimize taxable income from the portfolio
  • Tax consultations for all clients available through a contracted CPA
  • Tax preparation services included through a 3rd party for clients as part of our family office services

Estate Planning

  • Detailed financial planning to determine the proper estate plan
  • Review any existing documents
  • Recommend the best plan for the future
  • Refer to 3rd party attorneys to execute documents
  • Document preparation is included as part of our family office services through our 3rd party contractors
  • Implement an investment plan to maximize the goals of the overall estate plan

Corporate & Business Planning

  • Retirement, insurance, and benefits consulting
  • Non-Qualified executive compensation and benefits
  • Executive and key person retention
  • Buy-Sell and succession planning
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Cash flow analysis and modeling
  • Capital structure analysis and planning

Risk Management & Insurance

  • Survivor needs analysis
  • Term life insurance recommendations to fill gaps in survivor needs
  • Life insurance as part of an estate plan
  • Disability insurance analysis
  • Long-Term care analysis
  • Property and casualty insurance analysis