About Spotlight

Our Mission, Vision, & Focus

The Spotlight Difference

We started Spotlight Asset Group because we saw a need in the investment industry to provide clients with complete transparency into their overall financial situation.  All too often we noticed that clients had:

  • No Transparency: You have no idea how much your blended fee rate comes to or what your actual return is.  Also, you are dependent on your adviser to re-run your plan when they are ready and can control the message.
  • No Technology: You have a basic online portal that only displays your investments for that manager and a simple return calculation.  You don’t have access to a platform that shows your financial plan updated regularly, how you are performing in both dollars and percentage, or how your adviser is doing against various benchmarks.
  • Nothing Tailored to you: Every investment you own is sold so the cash can be invested in a cookie-cutter model that your adviser uses for all clients.


There is a better way, at Spotlight Asset Group
  • We believe in transparency and provide our clients with a truly “all-in” investment management fee.  Our investment management clients have a flat fee structure which includes the trading commissions for investments that we recommend.  If we think you should buy it, the least we can do is cover the cost of the transaction.
  • Our mission is to harness technology to provide our clients with a comprehensive view of their accounts, up-to-date investment performance data, and a constantly updated financial plan.
  • Our focus is on providing our clients with total wealth management advice that is tailored to their individual situation.
  • Our clients are able to pull up their updated financial plan at any time through our website.
  • We provide the ability to import accounts outside of our management so you can view your whole financial picture in one place.
  • We not only show you how our accounts are performing, but provide the ability to compare it to outside accounts and various benchmarks.  If you hire someone they should at least provide you with ways to hold them accountable as to whether or not they are providing value.
  • We don’t force clients to sell out of everything they own.  If we decide that you should keep pre-existing positions we will have a process to manage those investments and bring unique ideas like advanced options strategies to potentially create additional return.
  • We never take custody of your assets.  We feel it is important that if someone is managing your investments there should always be a 3rd party holding the funds.

Flat Fee Structure

Real Time Plan Updates

Performance Transparency

Customized Investing